Tuesday, February 25, 2020




What is it?

A comprehensive CBD-infused professional haircare brand offering high performance products that deliver equilibrium to the scalp and hair strands. Formulated with a proprietary blend, The Stress Buster Complex, combines 1,000mcg CBD,  Argan Oil, and Agave Extract. By Harnessing the rich botanical potential of the CBD, well known for its reputed stress-reducing benefit in the wellness world, It’s a Hit elevates the salon experience.

CBD is sustainably sourced, 100% organic and free of THC (non-psychoactive). Grown in the USA on a local farm in Colorado, they use a food-grade organic ethanol extraction process which does not damage the cannabinoids. They also use the whole plant, getting the full cannabinoid profile, and our products contain 1000mcg CBD more than similar haircare products on the market.

Whats in it?

CBD the star ingredient, well known for its reputed stress-reducing benefit in the wellness world, has incredible prowess when it comes to topical application.

Agave’s biggest benefit is its large hydrophilic molecules which lock moisture inside the hair. Oil absorbs into the hair while water molecules bind with each strand. The non-greasy formula instantly smooths, seals and adds shine to all hair types. It restores unmanageable, frizzy hair with the hydrating sugars of the Agave plant.

Contains all three essential omega acids (omega 3, 6, 9) Cold pressed, it is one of Nature’s richest source of essential fatty acids known to help boost the appearance of the hair strands. Referred to as “Liquid Gold” due to its rare and rich nature, Virgin Argan Oil is a richly nutritive and restorative oil that nourishes and restores dry and damaged skin with a smoothness.

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