Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The do's and don't's of Spray Tan

How to get the best results out of your Spray Tan

The Night Before Your Tan

Shower thoroughly and exfoliate to remove the dead skin
This provides a smooth surface for your tan.
If you are using Dove products please stop using them at least two days prior to your tan and for the duration of the tan. Dove soap and lotions leave a film on your skin that will result in a blotchy tan.
Shaving and waxing should be done the night before
Do NOT use moisturizes 24 hours prior to your tan as they act as a barrier to the spray tan solution and can cause uneven, streaky effects.

The Day of Your Tan

Bring in dark loose fitting clothing and flip flops for after
Tight fitting clothing can rub the solution off and leave your tan patchy
The solution will wash out of most clothing
 It is up to you and your level of comfort whether you wear a swimsuit/underwear or not
Come in without makeup, deodorant, or perfume 


Do not shower or sweat excessively for the next 4-6 hours(overnight is always best) after your tan. This allows your tan to fully develop it’s color.
If you don’t shower until the next morning, make sure to wear loose fitting pjs to bed.
Do not shave for the first 12 hours after your tan and first shower
During the developing time use hand sanitizer instead of soap and water to wash your hands
Avoid using moisturizers and applying deodorant during developing time
Wearing socks or closed shoes can cause your tan to develop unevenly 
Avoid wearing tight clothing for at least the first 5 hours or until you shower
When showering, don’t scrub, just rinse off with warm water, no soap or hot water 
No washcloth or loofa
After your quick rinse, you should know that the tan continues to develop   
After your tan is done developing you can moisturize. Moisturizing will help maintain the tan. Dry skin can cause the tan to fade faster. Moisturize twice daily and after the shower. Salon Bridgette recommends the Hempz brand. We find it works the best. 
Swimming pools, hot tubs, and long HOT baths or showers can fade your tan.
Excessive sweating from exercising may cause your tan to fade faster, particularly in body fold areas

Products that may affect your Tan:
Anti-aging products
Dove soap and Dove products
Bath and Bodyworks products
Toners containing alcohols or witch hazel
Accutune or Salicylic acid
Facial masks and scrubs
Pore cleansing facial strips
Chlorine and salt water
Bug sprays- spray clothes not your body

Remember friction is a sunless tan killer!

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