Friday, April 13, 2018

Lasio Smoothing Treatment

For the month of April these lovely treatments are on special! Lasio is made for hair of all types- curly, color treated, fine, frizzy, dry, and damaged hair!

 Dry/damaged hair?
Some believe that if your hair is dry and distressed, treatments will only cause more damage, but that is not true! 
It will actually do the opposite!
Dry strands, dull hair, split ends, and frizz are symptoms of damaged hair. Our hair is delicate, and unfortunately, it doesn’t take much for it to become damaged, but restoring hair is possible it will just take time and Lasio!

Curly hair? 
If you love your curls and want to embrace them then Keratin Tropic is the option for you. It will slightly stretch your curl and eliminate 100% of frizz. 
If you want to drastically reduce your curl for more of a straight look then our 
One Day formula is perfect for you. 

Fine hair?
For ladies with fine hair using heavy conditioners 
or even getting keratin treatments can
 weigh hair down creating a flat deflated look. 
Let’s turn up the volume with Lasio!
Go for a lightweight keratin formula. 
Keratin Tropic is perfect for those with fine hair.
 It will eliminate frizz while still maintaining volume. 
Life is easier when your hair is frizz-free!

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