Thursday, January 3, 2019

What I've Learned in 27 Years as a Hairdresser


Our hair color and hairstyles are a large part of our identity.  When we change our hairstyles and hair color we mentally take on a different persona.  Not only for ourselves but for others also.  

Change is good. 
A change in hair style or color is uplifting and refreshingPamper yourself!  I think changing your hair can change your life and perspective on things.  It may sound silly, but new hair alters our confidence.  A lot of women love wearing wigs, hairpieces, and extensions. It makes them feel like a different person.  
It is glamorous.

So next time you sit in your stylist's chair and they ask, 
"What do you have in mind?", your answer should be "Change"
If anything do it for yourself, you deserve it!

It's a New Year, time for a New You!

Take a look at these before and afters who were inspired to "change" it up!

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