Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Are you ready for Fall Trends?

Now that we’re officially on the edge of transitioning from beach days to game days, we’re in the mood to swap out our sunny summer strands for a dose of warm fall color.

 It is time to change your hair color to spruce up your look this fall. This season, give yourself permission to ditch the darker hues and lean into fall hair colors that warm-up your complexion.  

Here are 5 tones that will warm you up and help you achieve gorgeous, head turning hair! 

Gingerbread Carmel
-  Warm red/copper tones with keeping a dark root
Pumpkin Spice        
Pumpkin spice hair can be tailored to anyone's natural shade, which is why you can get anything from a copper-tinted brunette to a coppery red
Yellow & Golden Blonde
-  Warm honey base with pure butter balayage
Honey Highlights  
-  Blend of light yellow highlights with golden brown lowlights
Golden Brunette 
-  Golden highlights placed strategically throughout
Cold Brew Brown 
- Deep brunette color with warm/chocolate highlights

The trend this fall is all about looking natural. It is a gorgeous, seamless blend of hair color.

Exciting news-
Big/Full Hair is Back!    

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