Thursday, October 3, 2019


                                         Top 10 Reasons Change is Good for You!

 1 Without change, things stay the same and ultimately will stagnate and die.
 2 Most people are afraid of change because it forces them outside their comfort zone.
     (go there it’s not that uncomfortable)
 3 Without change there is no adventure in life.
 4 It takes much more energy and effort to resist change than it does to accept it.
 5 It’s much easier to embrace change than to fight it.
 6 Since most will resist change, successful people will use this fact to their advantage.
 7 Change is learning. Learning is growing. Growing is living. So live.
 8 When you complain about change, the energy you’re wasting will turn you into a curmudgeon.
      (is that what you want to be?)
 9 Change is opportunity.
10 Status quo is boring and gets you nowhere.

Change allows you to grow, helps you discover your strengths, makes you flexible.  You will be surprised to learn you are stronger than you think.

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