Thursday, January 23, 2020



                  Having a loyal relationship with your stylist can affect your hairdo! 

           When you have a short relationship with your stylist it is hard for them to
           really know who you are.
           For instance, that hairstylist does not know your life style, needs or taste.  So you
           may end up with a style that does not suite you.

             By having one stylist they are able to provide you with the right style that
             compliments you!!!!

            How you know your stylist deserves your "loyalty".
           1.    Does your stylist offer new styles?
           2.    Makes sure you were happy with your last appointment?
           3.    Goes over the condition of your hair?
           4.    Tells you about new products and techniques?
           5.    Takes time to make you feel special?

                                   If you answered "YES" to the above you are where you should be. 

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