Tuesday, December 3, 2019

New year, new you

New Year, New You

Lets bring your best self into 2020! 2019 is soooo last year,
 so repeat after us- New Year, New You!

Besides new year resolutions, here's a couple tips to help you change in the new year!

As we start this coming year with these small tips,rest assured we're on our way to a happy, healthy, and fabulous 2020!

Stop Going to Bed with your Makeup On!

Besides not wearing SPF on the daily, sleeping with your makeup is one of the
worst things you can do to your skin. Makeup, dirt, and oil clog your pores and leave you
with annoying breakouts! This also means sanitizing your makeup applicators. Dirt and oil also 
cling to our brushes and sponges, so be sure to clean them daily!(who are we kidding, at least try to do this once a month LOL)

Get your Massage On!

Creating and stimulation blood flow through massage has many benefits such as hair growth, anti-aging, and depuffing any inflammations. Staring at computers/phones, sun damage, and everyday stress can leave our faces feeling and looking fatigued. Using a jade stone facial roller can help reduce these signs, leaving our faces beautiful and smiling!

Step out of your Comfort Zone!

This is YOUR year! It is time to make a statement. Whether that means a new lip shade or a new bold
hair color, start small and work your way up to it! Bright bold hair or a deep rich mahogany, anything new and fresh will be a definite head turner! Can't decide? No worries, that's what Salon Bridgette is here for! Your stylist will have something in mind, custom to you!

Don't forget, Self-Love!

Whether it's an hour of yoga, weekly blowdries, or a spa day once a month, we all need time to
de-stress from our crazy, busy lives. Taking time out of the busy day to day will help keep you fresh and on top of everything! And plus, you deserve it!

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